CRVpro direct-drive rotary vane vacuum pumps

CRVpro真空泵两级直接驱动cuum pumps.

They are nine models of CRVpro available with free air displacement from 1.8 cfm to 52.5 cfm. Ultimate pressure to 2x10⁻³ torr. Three models of pumps with explosion proof motors, with free air displacements from 2.8 to 12.8 cfm, are available by clicking on the "Explosion Proof" tab below.

The benefits of CRVpro pumps are:

  • reduced risk of chemical attacks and oil breakdown by diluting chemical vapors with a larger oil chamber
  • slowing down corrosion by cool running operation
  • provides a measure of protection from sublimed chemical vapors with coating on pump module and oil case.

These benefits lead to extended service interval.

Depending on model, motor options include 1 Ph TEFC, 3 Ph TEFC, and 1 Ph ex proof motors.

CRVpro vacuum pumps can be used for freeze drying, vacuum ovens, concentrators, glove boxes, schlenk lines, HVAC/refrigeration service, coaters, backing diffusion pumps and turbo molecular pumps, short path, wiped film, metallurgy/vacuum furnaces, lamp manufacture, space simulation, degassing, vessel/chamber evacuation. CRVpro vacuum pumps prepared with perfluoropolyether (PFPE) for oxygen service are available. Contact your local Welch sales representative for details on PFPE prepared pumps and for selecting correct vacuum pump for your application.

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